Professional Development and Coursework Repository

This section of TransBat.Com acts as my online web portfolio. It is divided into two sub-sections, Professional Development and the Coursework Repository. If you are unable to find an archived item you were looking for, please let me know. Due to the nature of some assignments, there might be duplicate entries for some items in both sections. I apoligize if this causes any confusion.

The Professional Development section contains important information about myself such as my vitae. It also showcases different work that I have done while working on my Masters Degree in Educational Technology. I hope that anyone viewing this material may find it as useful as it has been for me.

The Coursework Archive is provided for my instructors, peers and classmates to find both archived and current assignments. After clicking on the coursework section, simply chose the course you wish to view assignments from, and a menu on the left will appear, listing of all my available assignments for review or classroom use. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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